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Do we know definitively who our best prospects are?
Without a precise definition of the interest, needs and concerns of your best prospects, your messages can be way off the mark.
Are we focusing all of our resources on these best prospects?
Without focus, you may not be giving best prospects the attention they deserve, and wasting your precious resources on longshots.
Have we integrated all marketing communications?
In the digital world, connections happen in real time—prospects can read your email, checkout your blog, go to your website, attend your webinar and download your e-book—all in one hour. If they don’t all work together, you risk losing hot prospects.
Are we measuring everything?
You need to be able to evaluate performance at every level—from strategic initiatives down to website calls to action. Without this capability, your marketing could be operating at less than 20% of its potential.
Do we know what’s working and what’s not, and why?
If the answer is no, chances are good you’re wasting precious resources on ineffective programs—and with no idea of what to change.
Do we have plans in place to test, analyze and refine?
Without testing, you’re unlikely to see any improvement. Without a plan, you’ll just bounce from one idea to another.
Are we beating our competition in the use of digital and social marketing?
Digital is everything today, and social, while small, is gaining fast. Both are rapidly evolving—giving you a chance to get ahead of your competition. If you don’t stay ahead, someone else will get the edge you want.