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Use search engine changes to move towards the top spot on page 1.
The rules have changed, and it takes more than meta- tags and key words to get top search placement—you need links and dynamic content. With persistence and the right actions, you can move to the top.
Be your category’s thought-leader.
Content is the name of the game when it comes to leads—have something worthwhile to share—forecasts, advice, provocative POVs—and prospects will pay attention. Thought leadership says you know where things are going and how to get there. In uncertain times, everyone wants to follow the leader.
Take social media seriously.
Having a social media strategy is more than the occasional blog or tweet, it’s putting time, talent and energy into this emerging lead channel. That means consistently posting valuable content, and working the networks to create a significant following.
Be a visual knock-out on the web.
Most websites look pretty much the same—90% are still text-heavy electronic brochures. The digital world is moving fast from text to visuals—with big images, infographics and videos, you’ll get immediate attention and stand-out from the competition.
Speak person-to-person.
If we like, trust and buy from people, why do we think B2B communications will work in corporate speak? They don’t. Visit three competing B2B websites, and there’s a good chance they’ll all use the same obtuse jargon and unbelievable superlatives. Speak in an honest, human voice, and prospects will get what you say and prefer you over the robots.