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Step 1: We build it.

  • Your website, laser-focused on best prospects
  • Designed for simple, logical site navigation
  • Built around high-impact visual content
  • Incorporating back-end links to lead gen and CRM
  • Responsively designed for desktops, laptops and mobile devices

Step 2: We feed it.

  • Keyword laden copy, video and links that drive SEO
  • Provocative, useful content that connects with prospect needs
  • Messages in proven digital and social vehicles: emails, blogs & tweets
  • Employing attention-getting images, infographics and videos

Step 3: We tweak it.

  • Site traffic & flow analytics to evaluate and modify performance
  • Search engine monitoring to accelerate SEO
  • Copy testing to measure and improve site messaging
  • Lead gen and CRM testing to improve capture and close rates