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We want you to be our next great case study–that’s incentive enough for us to crush all expectations. We know what it takes to succeed and deliver every time.  We’re team players who work well with other talented people who, like us, are determined to move the bar.

Bruce Rutter     Strategy + Planning + Writing

Bruce is a strategist, planner and writer. After more than two decades working with dozens of different companies and non-profit organizations, he’s unusually adept at situation analysis, finding the key drivers and through them identifying the real strategic choices available for his clients. With his ear ever close to the market and the changing consumer, Bruce has been able to find creative, forward-looking solutions that elude others and drive towards measurable results. As a business writer, he delivers messages in a clear and concise voice that is spot-on with his audience.

Over the years, Bruce has managed marketing programs and developed persuasive content that have successfully launched companies, re-positioned brands, tested new products, found profitable new markets, opened new channels, increased revenue and motivated employees.

Bruce and his wife Misty are empty nesters who spend much of their free time keeping up with the high-maintenance demands of their 330 year old house and gardens in Duxbury, MA.

Ed Foster, Founder     Strategy + Creative

Born in Belfast, Ireland and raised outside of Philadelphia, Ed Foster’s childhood focus was on being a Navy fighter pilot and exploring the world. After six years in the Navy, living his dream, Ed went on to pursue his next passion – design. To the design world he took with him the lessons he had learned in the Navy, of producing excellent work and assembling the best team to do the job.

Ed founded Foster Design Group in 1984.  Ed believes that, “design with no strategy is nothing but wrapping paper – it’s the substance within that matters.” His focus is on helping clients understand their objectives, clear direction, targets, and end goal. From there, he and his team build a strategic brand plan that lays out the ‘whys’ behind the  strategy, and then the team executes on that strategy.

For every project he assembles a team of experts who provide senior level counsel in their respective fields, and who, together, create outstanding work, with a bottom-line focus on measurable results.. In his spare time Ed still flies. He recently flew his plane across the Atlantic Ocean to visit his first home, Belfast. He is involved in education for the underprivileged in the city of Boston, and has spent countless hours on the athletic fields coaching life lessons to children.