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Roanoke College

Bringing High tech results to Higher Ed.


In just 24 months we conducted research with students, parents and alumni, forged a strategic communications plan, developed a new brand platform and graphic identity, designed and built an award-winning website—with over 150 pages of new content—shot and edited slice-of-life videos, and created an integrated print and digital program for student recruitment.

How were we able to do so much so quickly in an industry notoriously slow to change? We married our High Tech experience to Higher Ed’s collegial decision-making. Starting with a President whose mandate was to run, not lean forward, we found innovative problem-solvers and recruited them onto our team. We pushed hard to implement new ideas as quickly as possible. With results to show, our team became advocates for change throughout the college. Things are really firing on all cylinders now at Roanoke College.


After two years of declining enrollment, applications are up, and the school is on-target to meet its goal for 2016.

Our new website is exceeding expectations: the bounce rate is down 22%; time on site is up 18% and pages per session are up 22%; there’s significantly more traffic to key action pages—Apply is +32%, Visit +41%.

In the face of tough competition, Roanoke reversed three years of declining applications and enrollment, and is on target to meet its goals for the class of 2020.

Best yet, an organization reluctant to change is now eagerly piloting new initiatives to help students build resumes, increase real-world learning programs, and engage alumni in recruitment, networking and mentoring. We gave them a new brand platform—“Find, build and live your passion”—and they’re working with passion and conviction to deliver it!


Research. Strategic planning. Branding. Graphic identity. Website design and content. Video production. Integrated lead generation and prospect nurturing system, including new viewbooks, letter packages, postcards, and emails, plus collateral for use at college fairs.

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