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Changing the face of fashion design decision making and profitability


Ovio is a new web-based research tool for the fashion industry. When its trials are completed, it will revolutionize the way fashion houses design, test and sell new lines. In less than 5 months we took the Ovio start-up team from business concept through web strategy, design, development and content, with a fully functional web tool ready for beta testing in the spring of 2013. The tools we developed include: a front-end website to recruit both clients and research participants; a sophisticated research tool that acts as a virtual studio where designers can collaborate with their customers; and a web-based reporting tool that presents answers in a highly visual format.


Ovio is still in beta, so no results can be released, but in the words of the Ovio management team our thinking, process and design “blew them away”.


Web strategy. Branding. Site architecture, visual design, technical design, text and image content. Gold Deck presentation for client sales.

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