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Bridge Boston Charter School

Educational innovation that’s changing the lives of inner city kids.

Bridge Boston Charter School

We believe it’s important to give back, and look for opportunities to put our talents and experience to work helping worthy non-profits. We’re particularly proud of the work we did over ten years with the Epiphany School in Roxbury, MA, helping them to increase enrollment and raise funds to build a new campus. We were especially pleased when a group of Epiphany staff started the Bridge Boston Charter School in nearby by Dorchester, and asked us to help them make their new school a success, too.


With a new school building to call their own and a graduation rate of 98%, Ephiphany is making a significant difference in the lives of many under priviledged in city children. We expect the same great results for the children of Bridge Boston in the coming years.


Pro bono photography, annual report/viewbook design and printing.

Foster Design Group

Bridge Boston Charter School