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BitSight Technologies

A breakthrough solution for partner risk management


BitSight is a disruptive technology that will fast change the way large companies identify, quantify and mitigate risk throughout their partner networks. Simply put, BitSight is doing for technology risk what credit ratings did for consumer lending. BitSight Technologies came to us shortly before they won $24mm in venture funding, asking us to help them brand themselves, develop a strategic communications plan, and then design, code and create content for a new website—all in five months. The website we built was designed to capture their innovative spirit while positioning them as a solid, reliable service used by Fortune 500 firms.


BitSight’s new website was the centerpiece of their move from stealth mode to a full corporate launch, with extensive PR and sales outreach. Positive market response has accelerated plans to expand their product line.

Based on our strategy and web design work for them, BitSight asked us to create a brief video positioning their service to key prospects and the media–a video they could use on the web, in emails and in sales calls. Our “Risk” video drew positive attention from leading bloggers in their field, one of whom called it “the best marketing video he’d seen in years.”


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