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February 27, 2017

The campus visit is considered a critical step in a student’s college exploration and application process. Yet, with prospective students applying to 10 or more schools the campus visit is often reserved for later in the application life cycle. And at that point it may be too late to state your case. You’ve missed your window of opportunity.

But, why wait for your applicants to come to you?

Why try to persuade those perfect candidates to visit your campus with expensive mailings, email campaigns and view books when you can go to them?

Now you can deliver your school – your campus, your events and your culture – to applicants.

Now you can take the campus experience to prospective students and their parents via cost effective virtual reality. We can help.

For the cost of a view book virtual reality allows you to deliver a visceral sense of presence to your applicants. With virtual reality you no longer have to wait for students to visit you. Now, you have the tools to visit applicants early in the application process.

It’s time for higher ed to catch up. Industry leaders use VR to recruit. Why can’t you?

  • As Carl Peters, director of technical training at Lincoln Holdings told the Wall Street Journal during his June 7, 2016 interview, “People flock to the (VR) simulator and want to put on the helmet and try it out … It has been like putting a bird feeder out in the winter.” Lincoln estimates more than 100,000 young people have tried its VR simulator.

And your applicants will remember the experience in a way unlike how they recall the passive experience offered by a traditional mailing or view book.

  • In the June 2016 Times Higher Education article, “Virtual Reality: Could It Revolutionalise Higher Education?” Xavier Fouger, senior director at Dassault Systèmes explains, “Virtual environments activate more of your brain because…it’s not a single channel [sense].”

With virtual reality marketing is now an experience. For those utilizing virtual reality it’s almost unfair. For less than the cost of a 3 x 5 mailing, virtual reality delivers your campus to your audience. Ask yourself where your marketing budget will deliver the biggest bang for the buck; a mailing? a view book? or an immersive VR experience?

Stop waiting for applicants to come to you. Go to them with virtual reality.

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We’ve heard it again and again from leading higher ed recruiters.

  • “If we can get them to visit our campus, they apply.”
  • “If we can get them to attend a class (a lecture, a lab, an event) they see the real us. And they say yes.”

The ideal time to influence and persuade a potential applicant is early in the application process. But your applicant may not be ready for a visit. Perhaps a parent is reluctant. Or maybe money’s an issue. The perfect opportunity slips by. And you lose her.

And many campus visits occur during high school winter or spring breaks. The problem is colleges take time off too. With your students off campus it’s tough for visitors to see if your school’s the right fit. And let’s not forget about weather. Not every visit happens on that perfect spring day or crisp autumn morning. Many take place in bitter cold or during the dog days of summer.

Short of offering free or highly discounted tuition, nothing your school plans to do this year will deliver the WOW FACTOR and viral sharing capability of an immersive virtual reality video. Roanoke College witnessed over 3,000 views of their VR video in the first weeks of emails to potential students. The drone video we created two years ago quickly tallied over 12,000 views.

See how we helped Roanoke College. Now, how can we help you?

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Virtual reality allows applicants to experience your campus, classrooms, study abroad, dorms, sporting events, clubs and outdoor adventures from anywhere, at any time, in the best possible conditions. Using a phone or an iPad, students and parents will find themselves in the middle of everything. Just as campus visitors are immersed in the sounds, energy and excitement of your campus experience, your VR visitors will experience your institution’s advantages.

And your growing experience with VR will support more than your school’s enrollment efforts.

Energize Sports Recruits: With virtual reality coaches recruiting top talent can now let potential student athletes know what it’s like to be in the locker room before a big game, in the weight room for training, or on the practice field running drills with teammates.

Highlight Academia: With virtual reality your top academic programs can now share the experiences of their faculty, classroom, research and internship opportunities with the best and brightest or your applicants.

Engage Alumni: And with virtual reality Development Officers may now bring new and exciting changes into the living rooms of alumni donors. VR is a powerful tool capable of rekindling fond memories and sharing the progress and vision of the President and Board.

Within two years every competitive college or university will be applying virtual reality to the application process. Don’t miss the opportunity to start shooting this spring’s outdoor scenes. Your well thought out VR video may very well deliver the difference you need to succeed.

Success is virtually guaranteed. Together, we will help you grow. Please, call us at 617-429-8988 or email us at